Paleo Salmon Cake Recipe

I am pretty excited to share these. I LOVE crab cakes, and salmon cakes, and tuna cakes… for real. Growing up and in college I was famous for making weird concoctions including whatever “cake” thing I could make.

Baby #2 has me craving seafood. Like sushi, salmon, crab legs, you name it. Weird huh? Even better news about these cakes, my super picky toddler loved them (dipped in hummus of course).  Continue reading

Home remedy

What’s In My Medicine Cabinet – Sick Season Tricks!

Funny thing about this post… I had intended it to go out over a month ago, whoops…

It wasn’t even flu season and I already had to pull my tricks out! Poor G picked up some cold/flu bug (probably from CONSTANTLY chewing on her hands – the girl is trying to push through 3-4 teeth at once) and the hubby and I fought desperately to not get sick ourselves. I will say, we do not frequent doctors offices and stay pretty healthy in general (…knocking on my wooden desk…) Continue reading