M E E T . J

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Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.30.15 AMI am a twenty-something year old new mama, navigating motherhood, marriage, and working from home. Being a SAHWM requires an IMMENSE amount of dedication, discipline, and organization! Finding that balance between being a good wife, mom, and working professional is what I call a beautiful challenge! Although my life is far from glamorous, and isn’t anything overly interesting, we do live a unique lifestyle. My husband is a LEO and works a LOT of extremely weird hours. Because of his odd working hours, it was important to us that I stay at home with our daughter, as his “Saturday” might actually be a “Tuesday” and being home/flexible is how we can see each other and how he can spend time with our daughter. I love taking pictures and finding beauty and joy in our ordinary life – plus my sassy toddler is too much fun not to snap pics of her all day long. I am just your average coffee loving, morning hating, church going southern girl looking forward to sharing my perspective in this crazy world. XO – J.

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