Pregnancy Announcement


One of the best things about having an oversized family is that no matter if its pizza on a Tuesday night, a bonfire on Friday, or Thanksgiving with the crew, any time spent together  is always bound to be slightly chaotic but always a good time.

The other awesome thing, is when you have any big announcement to make you instantly have a party!

We decided to break the news of nugget #2 to my family on Thanksgiving. We were taking family pictures, as we attempt to do every year, and we thought it would be fun to tell everyone during pictures! I had quickly made a sign and the hubs was gonna jump out from behind the group and pop this sign open above his head so we could capture the reactions… not qquuiiiittteeee how we envisioned it, but perfect nonetheless.




oops 🙂



I love that we have these pictures to remember the moment. Sweet baby #2 you are already loved more than you know!


xox – J

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