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A Reflection On Motherhood

As a young mom of a toddler and an angel baby in heaven, I am fully in the trenches of my journey though motherhood. Though my heart is still raw from the loss of my son just 4 weeks ago, it’s this raw state that has given me the ability to feel so deeply and come to this understanding about motherhood – that motherhood is the best, worst, best thing that has ever happened to me. Continue reading


When Hello Means Goodbye – Surviving a Stillbirth

As I looked through my drafts of post ideas, I saw my “Baby Bumpdate” post sitting in the queue… as I stared at the title I realized something… when I was pregnant and my baby was alive and healthy, I had no problem happily posting “bump pics” and sweet little taglines on how much we loved him, how excited we were to meet him, how we couldn’t wait for him to join our crazy family. He was real. He was my son. We dreamed of his future, how he was going to be my little buddy, how he was going to love cars and hockey just like his dad, and how he was going to be just what our spunky little Gianna needed. I was going to have 2 babies under 2 for a few weeks… oh, I was so ready for the challenge! However, sometimes life plays out a lot different than you imagined. Continue reading

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Have Child – Be Humbled

It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.
-Saint Augustine

So I am convinced I have one of the loudest little people in all existence. For being so tiny she sure has a set of lungs… and no shortage of attitude.

A couple of weekends ago we (rather unexpectedly) bought a car – hello new mom car! If you have ever purchased a car, particularly from a dealership, you know it is NOT a short venture. G was great! By “great” I mean in the typical active kid sense – like not sitting in your lap nicely flipping through a book, eating fruit snacks – that only lasts about 2 min max with her – a movie on the phone or iPad – maybe 10 min.  Thank God I had packed loads of snacks and stickers, but I think I went through 22 styrofoam cups, 18 coffee straws, 5 accessory brochures, (thank you Honda) Continue reading